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I have one friend who I just adore above all else and I feel like no boy will ever deserve her because she’s so cute!! and kind!! and smart!! and amazing!! too cute oh god i can’t handle it

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I think I want to be Harley Quinn for Halloween, but I’m not sure if i want to spent $50-60 bucks for the Halloween store costume :/

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she’s gonna pop his bubblegum heart







angel-gidget replied to your post: “I need to build up the confidence to actually SELL people things…”:
Try thinking from the POV of someone who wants to buy the thing. Or could really use the thing. Research on types of things takes effort or savy, and sales ppl make it easier by giving simple explanations why one thing might be better than another.

Simple explanations is a good idea! I’ll try thinking from their perspective on whether they’d want it.  I am trying to sell vitamins and nutritionals.

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I need to build up the confidence to actually SELL people things because I want to make money. It just feels awkward going up to people and ASKING them if they’d like to buy something.

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I’m waiting for the day I can easily explain to someone what Morning Glories is about. Today is not that day.

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when someone asks me out
me: fuck
me: [contacts five people to try to brainstorm how to reject them]
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But I’m trying to help my f r i e n d s.

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i know at least one time bruce tried to tell jim his identity and jim was like :/ no :/ i dont want 2 know it would complicate everything :/

and i feel bad for bruce like. i feel like he really wants to tell him his secret identity. so they can hang out more as bruce and jim instead of batman and jim. they can go see baseball games together and go camping or something idk bonding activities and eventually bruce will be able to achieve his goal of officially adopting jim as his dad. dadopting him. here is the paperwork pls sign. thank u dad.