1. "California" - Never Shout Never
  2. "I’d Rather Be In Love" - Michelle Branch
  3. "Smile" - Uncle Kracker
  4. "Breathe" - He is We
  5. "I’m Not Crying. You’re Not Crying, Are You?" - Dear and the Headlights
  6. "From Where You Are" - Lifehouse
  7. "Slow Dance with a Stranger" - Danger Radio
  9. "Mad World" - Gary Jules
  10. "I Miss You" - Blink-182
  11. "You’re Making It Come Alive" - My Favorite Highway
  12. "Great Escape" - Kevin Rudolf
  13. "Just the Way You Are" - Bruno Mars (WHEN I SEE YOUR FAAAACCE)
  14. "Who Do You Think You Are?" - Cascada (my former Cascada fangirl~ until her music started boring me)
  15. "The Spider and the Lamps (feat. Max Bemis)" - Forgive Durden (FYEAH)
  16. "Magic Number" - Maaya Sakamoto (oh my former anime fangirl is showing)
  17. "Fall" - He is We
  18. "Rescued" - Jack’s Mannequin
  19. "Stop!" - The Secret Handshake
  20. "Endlessly" - The Cab  
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    King and Lionheart // Of Monsters and Men Take Me to Church // Hozier Kiss With a Fist // Florence + the Machine Gift of...
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    Ophelia -John Schmitt We’ll Be A Dream -We The Kings Here Is A Heart -Jenny Owen Youngs Are You There Sweetheart? -Kate...
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    Blouse- Into Black Matthew Dear- Slowdance From A Second Story Window- A Swarm of Bees IWrestledaBearOnce- Ulrich...
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    Rinbu Revolution (Okui Masami) resonance (TM Revolution) Carnival Babel (Takada BAND) Freak on a leash (Korn) The lady...
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    1- Hanabi - Ikimono Gakari 2- Kalimba - Mr.Scruff 3- Pixy false - Phantasmagoria 4- The edge of glory - Lady Gaga 5-...
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    1. You Had Me At Hello - A Day To Remember 2. My Last Breath - Evanescence 3. For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert 4....
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    Sheperd of Fire - Avenged Sevenfold Hail to The King - Avenged Sevenfold I Caught Myself - Paramore M.I.A. - Avenged...
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    1. Meadowlarks - Fleet Foxes 2. Northern Wind - City and Colour 3. Rally - Phoenix 4. Dust on the Ground - Bombay...
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    •love all the way-destorm power •circle of life-the lion king •till kingdom come-Coldplay •all I ever wanted-the...
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    1. Marry The Night - Lady Gaga 2. La Valse Des Vieux Os - Yann Tiersen (Amelie Soundtrack) 3. Paper Wings - Rise Against...
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    1.- Caramelldansen (Ryu* Remix) 2.- Jackal Queenston - Be You (Aurastys Remix) 3.- Daft Punk - Nightvision 4.- Aurastys...
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    been a long time when I last did this, so why not? (also when I last did it I did 40 instead of 20 so I’m gonna do that...
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    1. Awaiting On You All- George Harrison 2. Dig A Pony- The Beatles 3. A Matter of Time- Foo Fighters 4. You Know You’re...
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    1. King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight 2. Acceptance - Over you 3. Mishon - Tender Love 4. Maroon 5 - She will be...
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    Little Saint Nick - She & Him Monday Monday Monday - Tegan & Sara Paint - Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales...
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