"Hello Love Goodbye" by To Be Juliet’s Secret → Asami, Dick, and Jaime

Take me back to that day, I’d make it all okay
I don’t know what to say
I didn’t know you felt that way,
My lips could only say your name you were filling every phrase, so fast but then we fell and died away

Asami Sato and Jaime Reyes have been best friends ever since Jaime began working for her father Hiroshi Sato. The two non-benders are startled when Equalists wage war against the benders. Now Futures Industries are forced to making weapons for the war and Jaime (although neutral) is forced to participate in this gruesome battle, even if he has to take on the former pro-bending star, the Avatar, and Asami’s crush: Dick Grayson. 

some headcanons:

  • love triangle: Jaime → ← Asami → Dick
  • Jaime uses tech that Asami herself made for him. She wants him to end the pointless fighting once and for all. To keep him safe, she gave him the name Blue Beetle so her father wouldn’t realize it is Jaime
  • there’s this whole confession scene where Jaime and Asami and it’s downright adorable
  • Asami and Jaime converse through letters after the war gets out of hand and the Satos are forced to relocate outside Republic City
  • Asami originally wanted to join the war, but her father keeps a very close eye on her. He forbids her to get involved because he’s afraid she’ll be killed. This is why she convinces Jaime to go
  • Dick is exactly like Korra and has failed to see the negatives of bending. He’s still a good guy, but he’s forced into this war without even fully understanding both sides
  • Guys after typing this I really ship Asami/Jaime now what
  • Jaime is like the Makorra fandom and freaks out when he sees Asami grabbing Dick’s arms because OF COURSE THIS MEANS THEY ARE A COUPLE AND DICK IS TAKING ASAMI AWAY FROM HIM /sarcasm
  • Ages: Jaime - 16, Asami -18, Dick - 21
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