I wonder sometimes about Batman dropping people from windows…




I mean, we all know that Batman is going to catch them, and not let them splatter all over the sidewalk, but what if they have a heart condition?  Falling 30 stories only to get saved at the last minute can be pretty stressful.  I wonder if Batman has ever had to work a code for 20 minutes because he dropped someone and they had a heart attack on the way down…

I bet Batman searches their medicine cabinets first, checking for heart condition.

“Hrn. Looks like this guy’s getting a broken arm instead. Or maybe he’s afraid of dark enclosed spaces…..yeeeeeah…”

Nah, more likely he simply gets Oracle to hack into their private medical files.  ”Hey, this guy’s got a heart murmur, so go easy on the pure terror, and maybe just snap a few fingers…”